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Channel Islands Scuba has been locally owned and operated in Ventura County since 1988. Mike Schechter owns and runs the shop with his family. We are a family of divers wanting to spread our love of diving with other families.

Mike loves to teach people about scuba diving. He knows from personal experience that the love for scuba can quickly become a life-altering passion. In six short years, he’s gone from being open water certified to owning his own dive shop. He wants to share this passion with other divers in Southern California and beyond. We don’t just want to certify you, we want to help you become a diver.

At Channel Islands Scuba, we take our diving skills and apply them to things that matter. We volunteer for ecological surveys and are volunteer members of the Ventura County Search and Rescue Team.

Channel Islands Scuba is a dedicated Dive shop, giving us the specialized knowledge to meet all your diving needs. We are certified with the following organizations:





TRI Air Testing


Channel Islands Scuba has been awarded SSI’s Diamond Dive Center Award, which goes only to Dive Centers that meet stringent requirements from SSI, this is your indication that we are “the best of the best” when it comes to Dive Training. Because SSI stands behind our performance, you can rest assured that you are learning from true professionals in the dive industry.


DAN is the premier source for diving physiology, medical assistance, and dive insurance. As DAN Industry Partners, all of our students receive complimentary dive insurance that covers them during their Open Water training.


Membership in DEMA ensures that we are staying in touch with equipment updates in the dive industry.With a keen focus on conservation and protection of our aquatic resources, DEMA and their members are working hard to ensure you can dive for years to come.


SCUBA cylinders are filled to high pressure. Without proper maintenance, inspection, and testing, they could pose a significant hazard. PSI-PCI is devoted to training inspectors on how to identify issues and properly perform air station operations, to keep cylinders in a safe operating condition. Certification as a Premier Facility indicates that all of our staff are trained on proper air station operations, and that we use only PSI-PCI trained inspectors for visual inspection and maintenance on not only our cylinders, but our customers’ as well.

TRI Air Testing

As divers, we have a saying, “as long as you have air, you’re okay.” But that air needs to be high quality – proper oxygen level, proper dryness, particle free, oil free… The list goes on and on. Given that air needs to be compressed mechanically to get to the required pressures to fill cylinders, a lot can happen. That is why we test our air and post the results in the shop. You deserve to know that we are maintaining our equipment, and that the air you are breathing from our fills meets standards. It is your link back to the surface. Don’t accept air fills from a shop that isn’t willing to share this information with you.

"Just got open water certified! CIS took care of everything in a very professional and organized manner. Mike was a fantastic instructor, and he really cared about getting each one of us certified. We were able to efficiently reschedule times for open water training due to bad weather. I really feel that I have benefited from this class and feel very comfortable diving because of it. I would highly recommend CIS!"

-Chris W.
"The best people. I wouldn't go anywhere else, the staff help so much, they are amazing people. And after years of trying they made a dream come true, to be dive certified. Thank you so much."

-Ian S.
"Hi Mike – We are having a great time and love diving! Please let your staff know how much we appreciate all they did to get us here!

-Valerie V."
"Lots of fun and I felt safe and secure-- not only when it came to being in the water with Mike as my instructor but also in knowing he won't just pass anyone because they paid for the class. He is willing to work overtime and have students really learn scuba safety and procedures. I'd recommend this class to family and friends for sure!"

-Lindsay S.
"I want to thank you very much for your excellent instruction and caring approach to SCUBA. Your teaching style really makes a difference. THANK YOU again!!!!!"

-Roger F.
"I had a really great time learning how to dive. Everyone is so nice and helpful, which made the experience even more enjoyable. We had a really awesome day at the beach dive at Paradise Cove and also at Catalina. I've always wanted to learn how to dive, and CIS was definitely the best place to achieve my goal."

-Anna H.
"Great Dive Shop! The staff and the instructors are as good as it gets. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend them to everyone."

-Kevin R.
"Thank you! You and Ron were such great instructors. I couldn’t have asked for a better intro to diving, and I know Brian really appreciated it as well and feels more comfortable than he did after his initial certification."

-Emily H.
"I just recently received my open water certification from CIS and I can't say enough how great the whole team is at the shop. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging the whole time. I had to miss one beach and boat dive and Mike was very accommodating and let me reschedule to another weekend. Thank you CIS for the great dives and look forward to getting more certification with them!"

-Charles K.
"Great instructors and staff! I did the SSI open water certification and purchased some of my gear through them and I would highly recommend CI scuba for anyone interested in getting certified or buying gear. They made the whole experience so much fun and really individualized the training to each students' needs. The world just became 70% bigger for me thanks to the instructors at Channel Islands Scuba!"

-Nicole M.
"Kudos to our rock star instructors Mike, Doak, and Jay. Thank you so much! You all kept us at ease, safe, and made it fun to get out into the water for our first real dive experience!"

-Mila F.
"I had a Great experience with the Dive Team at CI Scuba! ALL of the instructors are long time Divers and want you to learn and get you excited about Scuba. They supplied top of the line equipment for our dives and made sure it fit you. They took their time in training and gave you the confidence to do the Dive! They have a nice store with good prices! Can't wait for my next dive! Thank You CI Scuba!"

-Shawn M.
"I just finished my open water with CIS. Jay was our instructor. He is very professional, helpful, and a very nice guy. All the staff is very helpful and was able to answer any questions I had. I would recommend the shop 100%."

-Chad R.
"Channel Islands Scuba is Wonderful. The instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. Everyone who works in the shop are also very kind and knowledgeable. I know I can always find the answer I need."

-Deanna D.
"Great scuba shop, well stocked with state of the art equipment. Good prices with very nice employees and customers. Do yourself a favor and dive with them soon.

-Lance H."
"Great instructors and staff! I did the SSI open water certification and purchased my gear through them and I would highly recommend CI scuba for anyone interested in getting certified or buying gear. They made the whole experience so much fun and really individualized the training to each student’s needs. The world just became 70% bigger for me thanks to the instructors at Channel Islands Scuba!"

-Nicole M.
"Channel Islands Scuba is GREAT! Very friendly and helpful people, high quality equipment at very fair prices. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, very patient, super friendly, abundantly helpful and lots of fun. Great service... Mike and team go above and beyond to treat their customers well."

-Roger F.
"Everyone at Channel Islands Scuba was amazing. The instructors were everything you'd want: knowledgeable, patient, friendly, helpful and SO. MUCH. FUN! Mike and his son helped us pick out the right gear to get our new adventure started. If you want to learn to scuba, Channel Islands Scuba is the only place to do it."

-J B.